Considering a Move?

Deciding to move and put down roots somewhere new is a big decision. Whether you’re moving across town, across the state, or across the country, there are many things to consider.

Below are a few helpful tips when considering your move to or within Columbus, OH.

Neighborhood: What does a good neighborhood mean to you? To some, it’s being close to nearby restaurants, shops, and parks as well as a school and the grocery store. To others, it’s being in a small community of people who naturally look out for each other and connect on several levels. Whatever it means to you, you’ll want to be sure to do your homework before starting your home search. In addition to looking online, you’ll want to drive around at different times of day to really get a feel for your next potential neighborhood.

Commute: Perhaps you drive to work each and every day. You’ll want to see if there are any major projects slated in the near future that could significantly impact your drive time.

Schools: Whether property owners have children in the nearby school system or not, they are all affected by how well the schools are regarded to potential Buyers. If you’re curious about the schools in your area, the state of Ohio publishes a report card which should give some insight into how your nearby schools fare as well as any improvements that have been made recently.

Recreation: The parks system in Columbus seems to be constantly growing. Columbus just received a grant to build 8 new playgrounds this year, has 29 facilities, and miles upon miles or walking and biking trails.

It’s important to work with a real estate agent who can guide you in making the best decision for you. Contact me and lead you in the right direction!